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New order of Chocolate tins from Australia[ 08-25 00:53 ]
One of Tinpak's customer said is it good that the factory is busy everyday because busy means many businesses and orders keep the factory run. Yes, therefore even he know that  it is peak season for Tinpak, even though last order is stll in shipping on th...
Tinpak's tin box recommended to Olympic[ 08-25 00:16 ]
Today we got an enquiry from our Japanese client. They plan to a tin box project to Olympic. That is wonderful!!!
Biscuit tin customer inspected the tins[ 08-25 00:10 ]
Last Friday, Anne flied from South Africa to inspect the  products-the 100000pcs of large biscuit tins. It is the first cooperation with Anne, and the first trial order is the 7 big containers,  100000pcs of biscuit tins for Christmas 2014. Also it i...
200k Heart Shaped Tin Confirmed[ 08-23 09:14 ]
 Goods news this morning. Our buy from Britain confirmed the heart tin order of 200K pieces last night. It is a big re-order. After almost half-month effort, we finally succeeded in solving all problems in the artwork, including 2 lever embossing, pantone...
Re-order of Round CD Tin Boxfrom British Buyer[ 08-20 09:53 ]
 So surprised!!! This morning we got a re-order of DVD round tin box of 30,000 pcs from our British buyer. We just despatched 30,000 pcs in July to her. The DVD round tin box is one of our bestseller DVD tin boxes. It meets with favor in Europe. Becasue i...
PO of Easter Tins Early from German Client[ 08-08 11:39 ]
This German client works with Tinpak more than 8 years.Last week the German client early send the PO of Easter theme tin boxes to us.That is great!
Meeting Belgium chocolate tin box buyer[ 08-06 23:06 ]
Today Mr. Fernand had a meeting with Mr. Wang-general manager of Tinpak at Sheraton Hotel in Guangzhou. Two bosses reviewed the business cooperation and discussed further cooperation of chocolate tin boxes supply for big Belgium chocolatiers. During the mee...
German Spice Tin Box Buyer[ 08-04 11:44 ]
Through the effort of long negociation for 3 weeks, the leading spice company in German placed trial order of 80,000 pcs round tins for spice of high quality to Tinpak. He seached internet and found our Tinpak via our website and knew that Tinpak is a Tin Box factory in Dongguan. Thus, He contacted us and got samples from Tinpak 2 months ago and made tests. Tinpak is confident of we passing their tests, as our round tin box meets with food grade and the laquer is safe. Last week, Mr.Albuzat wire money as deposit for his first order of spice round tins.
Return Tinpak for Tin Box Job[ 08-04 09:28 ]
On the very morning of Monday, a very familar face appears in Tinpak's office. Daisy comes back to work again after her baby born. Daisy is a very young sales who  worked for Tinpak domestic market about 2 years. She gained much knowledge and experience o...
Big Order of Oval Chocolate Tin Box[ 08-03 23:44 ]
17th July, Ewa sent the mail indicate that 180 000pcs of oval chocolate tins will be placed soon. Dear Jenny, We have occassion to repeat big action for Cherry Sweet tin. Please kindly let me know your best price and production time for 180 000...
Big order of lever lid tin box confirmed[ 07-31 16:29 ]
Today Tinpak got a big order of square lever lid tin boxes for a branded UK tea company! The quantity is over 300K. Lever lid tin has a tight tin lid which creats very good airtight function to keep humidity away from the loose teas. This mini size square...
Caddy Tin Box Customers Visit Tinpak for New Projects[ 07-22 09:34 ]
As the main metal  caddy tin box  supplier for the Sri Lanka  market, Tinpak attracted its new  customers today for new metal caddy projects. Mr. Sanjeeva and Mr. Nadeeka planed to leave China tomorrow morning. This noon we received their c...
Ice bucket tin in good production[ 07-07 11:43 ]
As one of the best tin box manufacturer and tin box exporter, Tinpak makes various kinds of tin boxes, including ice bucket tins and bucket tins. Nowadays, our tin box production is busy producing a big order of Coke ice bucket tin box. This ice bucket tin i...
Tinpak Production Administrative Staff Accept Training in Chengdu[ 06-27 10:56 ]
April 2014, 4 Tinpak Production Administrative Staff went to Chengdu to accept management training.
New product bluray metalpak supply in Tinpak[ 06-24 00:07 ]
Do you hear Godzilla? Do you watch this amazing movie? Do you who supply the tin box for Godzilla? That was made by Tinpak! Nowadays, Tinpak factory are producing new bluray tin box for Godzilla. It is a good movie, when you watch the movie, think about the supplier from us. The bluray metal tin box make of 2pcs tin box. with 3D embossing on the lid and bottom.
Tinpak office staff help packing tin boxes on weekends[ 06-22 21:20 ]
All Tinpak office staff gave up weekends to help workers packing an important and urgent Bluray tin case order.
New mold soap tin box develop in Tinpak[ 06-16 23:12 ]
Nowadays, Tinpak develop a new mold soap tin box. It is square shape tin box with 3 pcs structure for size: 73X73X35Hmm. It is 0.23 mm first grade tinplate. It is rolled-outside, flat lid, bottom also it is rolled-outside.
The 17th outdoor activity of Tinpak[ 06-15 17:29 ]
Tinpak Co.,Ltd is a 8-year-old tin box manufacturer.In addition to work, the company also pays attention to employees' physical qualities. Every Wednesday afternoon we will off work early for sports exercise to build a strong body and keep the passion.
Exciting Sales Competition[ 06-10 15:40 ]
Recently, Tinpak team took an active part in a sales competition of Dongguan. Our team has 4 menber, Mavis, Judy, Sanny, Ceci. And the ceremony of the competition kicked off the exciting sales game on last Saturday. Our rival specializes in metal accessory and...
Greeting from Korea client[ 06-09 22:33 ]
I received the email from the Korea's client's greeting, I was moved by his mail.
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