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Moved by the sincerly inquiry[ 09-16 11:41 ]
An enquiry customer made a detailed product list, I was moved by his sincerity.
Gift Tins on the Farewell Meeting[ 09-16 09:13 ]
It was the last day that Jane works in Tinpak because she will move to another city with her families soon. Tinpak prepared a farewell meeting for her after we were off work. We had dinner together, shared the insterests together, joking together, sing togethe...
UK Client Ordered a 20' Container of Round Cake Tins[ 09-16 08:38 ]
Due to my effort and good service, UK client placed an order of 20' container of round cake tins.
tin boxes hot sale in Xiamen[ 09-16 08:26 ]
When traveling to Xiamen on the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival, We are so surprised and excited to see so many tin boxes showing on the shelf of a big store, fancy and delicate. Tourists seemed very interested in these beautiful items, they took photos and took m...
Australia client placed a order of 60k chocolate tin boxes[ 09-15 14:29 ]
Today is my 26 years old birthday, My new Australia client place a order of 60k square chocolate tin boxes to me. I'm so pleased . This is the really the greatest birthday gift for me. Thanks so much for choosing Tinpak tin boxes as your tin packaging suppl...
The tea tins-new arrival 2014[ 09-15 12:19 ]
As the main supplier for the Sri Lanka market, also the old supplier for Whattard Tea in UK gain full experience on the tea tin packaging, inspired by the creation from customers every month. To meet the needs of customers like AKBAR, JAF, MABROC, Tinpak devel...
New Gift Tins for Valentine's Day[ 09-15 07:31 ]
Every year, Tinpak will develop many seasonal gift tins to meet customer's promotional or marketing needs. For the coming Valentine's Day 2014, Tinpak prepared many available molds for customer's free use. The heart shape tin series tins are the most popular e...
The Holland Food Tin Box in Production[ 09-12 11:12 ]
We got a food tin box order from our regular client from Holland 20 days ago. Now the food tin box are in production. We took a video to show how Tinpak produce the food tin boxes.
Mid Autumn Festival in Tinpak[ 09-10 08:03 ]
Mid Autumn Festival is an official harvest festival celebrated by Chinese, Vetnamese, Korean and Janpanese people. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar and Vietnamese calendar, during a full moon, which is in Septemb...
Weekly Activities in Tinpak[ 09-05 10:18 ]
In order to keep health, Tinpak clerk has an activity every week.We go to the park, reservoir near our company, taking fresh air and getting a workout.
The best-selling tin tray[ 09-02 16:03 ]
We have a round tin tray, it is a hot-selling product. More and more clients are interested in the tin tray.
New futurepak tin boxes with amazing sound made in Tinpak[ 08-31 22:35 ]
Nowdays, we are producing a series of blu-ray tin box samples with amazing sound. That's a new development in our industry. Do you hear the blu-ray with sound for Godzila? That's almost the same structure.And the most attractive people's eyes is that it can insert sensors on it! Open it you can hear the sound. Wow, amazing products!
Jasmine tea tin box sells in Myanmar but made in Tinpak[ 08-31 21:44 ]
This kind of Jasmine tea tin box sells in Myanmar but make in Tinpak. And this tea tin box add a inner lid inside, when you put the tea leaves into it,it can keep original and not stale, that's good choice to use this kind of tin box for tea!
Tinpak got Christmas tin orders from German client[ 08-31 21:23 ]
German client confirmed the orders of Christmas tin boxes. This German client is a chocolate factory. They co-operate with Tinpak more than 7 years.
Variety of activities in Tinpak[ 08-31 21:19 ]
Tinpak company's bosses are very kind. They thought an good idea to make their staff release the pressure, and hope them live happy during the workday. So they made a rule,we can organize an outdoor activity on every weekly Wednesday's afternoon, we can play basketball, badminton or running or take a walk.There are a lot activities in Tinpak, life is good!
New mold tin box product is developing in Tinpak[ 08-31 20:57 ]
This kind of New mold tin box product is developing in Tinpak this period, it is a very special shape tin box for cookies.The mold structure with 3pcs. The shape looks like French's map,it is very popular selling in France.
The samples of Candy Crush Candy tin boxes are finished today[ 08-30 10:49 ]
The samples of Candy Crush Candy tin boxes are finished today.  "They are so cute. It's pleased to cooperate with you company" Ms Jade said. Ms Jade are very satisfied with them. She put a trial order of 5000pcs tin boxes to us on side. We wil...
Versatile Rectangular Tin Box[ 08-28 21:14 ]
This week we got a new seed tin order. Many people may get confused that what seed tin is. Yes!! It is very fantastic. Our client from Britain caught up a novel idea to use a rectangular tin pack them. Plus his wonderful and vivid design, the tin looks luxury ...
Life here in Dongguan-Tin pak[ 08-28 09:39 ]
Wednesday again! Every Wednesday, it is Tinpak's day to close the nature and walk around in Dongguan- Our city. Our destination today is the Foling lake, about 30mins from Tinpak's office by feet. The lake is surrounded with green trees, well constructed lane ...
10K Large Oval Tin Container Confirmed[ 08-25 22:52 ]
Last night, we got an new order of oval tin container from our British client. After one-week confirmation of artwork, he finially placed a order of 10k of large oval tin container to Tinpak. The large oval tin container can be as a packing for shampoo, dish d...
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