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An English Client Ordered Airtight Tin box for Fish Food[ 11-10 11:52 ]
An English client ordered airtight tin box for fish Food. Look, the airtight tin box is not only for tea and other common food for people, but also for fish food.
A trial order of square pillow lid tea tin[ 10-31 07:51 ]
Today I get a trial order of 5000pcs pillow lid tea tins from my Korea customer. The pillow lid allows a good airtightness. The pillow lid tins are particular suitable for packing teas, coffees, coconut powder and so on. In fact our pillow lid tins are seen al...
Square Coffee Tin on the Production Line[ 10-26 18:29 ]
Today, 40,000 pcs of square coffee tins are on the production line.
Hot-seller,Gold Square Tea Tin[ 10-26 16:00 ]
We got an repeat order from our client for gold square tea tin. It is hotsale in Europe. Its size is 73x73x93mm. The square tea tin has a step lid, which is very good for retailer to stack them in the shelves. Our client would like to purchase paper with their...
Big Order Again -- Soap Tin[ 10-25 14:51 ]
We got an new order of square soap box for packing seeds from our British client. He is our frequent client. This is the 4th time that he placed orders to us this year. And it is a large qty of 70,000 pcs. It is so amazing. In this order, he add...
We are looking for a turnkey facial mask tin packaging solution[ 10-23 11:26 ]
"We are looking for "This facial mask tin box in rectangular shaped looks good and feel good. It can be holded 10 to 20 pieces facial mask. Glossy varished let the box shining and standing out from other box. It's very fashion and particularly suitab...
Korea exclusive distributor of tea confirm a 5k trial order for me[ 10-22 14:13 ]
Today my Korea customer confirm a 5K tea tin container as a trial order for me. They are the exclusive distributor for a famous brand tea for Korea. They need the  80*80*110mm tin container in units of 5000pcs CIF-Incheon and  the tin container has s...
My German client places another order of 1x20FC biscuit tins[ 10-22 14:13 ]
Another order of 1x20'FCL square biscuit tin boxes was placed by my German customer. We are so excited. This square tin box is particularly suitable for packing biscuits, cookies, chocolates, cup cakes and so on. Our German customer have purchased this sq...
New Order!! Double Lid CD Case is Amazing![ 10-21 10:15 ]
New order again this morining. Our client placed trial order of double lid CD case. We got so much appreciation for our double lid CD cases from our clients. Because double lid CD case is able to improve the image of the brand and make the product shows much m...
Your metal CD cases look great and cool![ 10-17 16:56 ]
"Your metal CD tin cases look great and cool"
Sample order of Lip Balm Tin Confirmed by British Buyer[ 10-14 15:18 ]
We got an exciting sample order of lip balm tin box from our British client. After 3-months confirmation of negotiation, she finially tried to agree to let us make the new tooling of lip balm tin box for her. And the final order quantity is 120k. Thi...
Order of Square Seed Tin Box Confirmed[ 10-13 15:09 ]
Today, we got an new order of square tin box for packing seeds from our British client. After two-week confirmation of artwork, she finially placed a trial order of 10k of square tin box for her seeds to Tinpak. The sqaure can be as a packi...
Tinpak Got Round Tin Boxes Order in Golden Week! Cheers![ 10-10 10:20 ]
Cheers!Tinpak Got Round Tin Boxes Order in Golden Week!
WOW! Hollannd Client Ordered 2 HQ Containers of Food Tin Boxes[ 09-29 16:15 ]
Wow! Congratulations! Hollannd Client Ordered 2 HQ Containers of Food Tin Boxes from Tinpak.
Tinpak outdoor activity[ 09-22 09:26 ]
Outdoor activity on Wednesday
USA A4 Tin Box Buyer[ 09-20 15:07 ]
Today, we got a new order of A4 size tin box from our USA buyer. Our client was concerned about our quality at the beginning. But after getting our sample proof, she decided to place an trial order at once. A4 size tin is a large rectangular tin. It can keep f...
heart shape candies tin box for wedding[ 09-18 16:23 ]
Nowadays, many Chinese people like to held a wedding ceremony in October, and the best way to offer the guests are candies,chocolate, fruit, nuts etc... and those products can packed into our beautiful heart shape tin box, people can eat the foods and enjoy the beautiful design on the heart shape tin. A beautiful heart shape tin in the special day can make you feel warm and sweet. then after ate up the foods, they can collect them as a gift or collection can make people bear in mind the beautiful wedding's moment! If you are interested in our products, please contact us without hesitate, than
I get a order of two sereies of Marseille soap tin boxes[ 09-18 09:34 ]
I get a order of two series of Marseille soap tin boxes from my French customer today.
Today we walk around beautiful Foling lake[ 09-18 09:34 ]
Every Wed's afternoon, office guys have a chance to leave office one hour in advance for outdoor activity. Today over 20 persons chose to walk around Foling lake for nearly 4 miles. Sweating is not a bad thing in Summer but every body loves this activity.
New Arrival Promotional Gift Tin Box[ 09-18 08:30 ]
Tinpak developed a new promotional gift tin box for Japan client. The promotional gift tin box with perfect appearance, printing and food grade lacquer is used to pack a toy car and some chocolates.
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