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My US client placed his initial order.[ 02-28 04:38 ]
This tea tin container is very special. It has a square base and round top. The little small round top allows this tea container good airtightness. This tea contanier has a natural cork to guaratee fine airtightness . The canister with natural corksare likely ...
Indian Client Came to Tinpak Factory for Quality Checking[ 02-06 14:13 ]
This morning, our Indian Client gave us a call that he would come to Tinpak factory to check the quality of round sock tins.
Congrats ! Irene gets her initial order[ 02-03 20:29 ]
Congrats ! Irene gets her initial order of 10k tea tins from her Austrilian client. It's less than 3 months since the commencement date. Irene develops a new business of tea tins. Her Austrilian client is very satisfied with Tinpak's fine quality of...
My Brunei client confirmed 3 orders of gift tin[ 01-30 16:03 ]
My Brunei client confirmed 3 orders of gift tin for their traditional festival yesterday.
German Client Reorder Small Cute Easter Egg Tin boxes[ 01-30 14:38 ]
Great news! We got a reorder of Small Cute Easter Tin boxes from our German customer. This client started work with Tinpak since 2002. And this year the reorder quantity is 3 times that of last year.
Reorder of Square Chocolate Tin[ 01-25 22:48 ]
It is a very great news, the first order in 2015 after the Australia customers back to work from the holiday, but also many times of reorder in the cooperation in the past 3 years. It is the square tin box with airtight lid, for chocolate packaging. Its size i...
Reorder-DEAN’S shortbread cake tin box[ 01-22 12:50 ]
Great news! We got a reorder of DEAN’S shortbread cake tin box from our Scotish customer. This client started work with Tinpak since 2005. And this year the reorder quantity is 2 times that of last year.
Tinpak Wedding CD/DVD Tin Boxes Series[ 01-18 23:22 ]
Everyone must have a romantic and happy wedding memory. Do you want keep it forever? Tinpak can help you to do that.
An Enquiry about a Round Tin Box for Shoe Cream[ 01-18 22:44 ]
What do you think of that a tin box can pack what? Cookies, biscuit, chocolate, cakes...Perhaps everyone thinks a tin box can only pack those thing.Now we got an enquiry about a tin box to pack shoe cream.
Customer from Dubai visit Tinpak's factory[ 01-18 19:21 ]
 Today, the customer Imad from Dubai come to visit Tinpak's factory and show room! It is my honor to meet him as we only got contacted on Trade Manager yesterday afternoon, and today he drove to our factory with his assistant.    Y...
We got a new tin box order today![ 01-17 12:58 ]
Good news, I got a new tin box's order today. It is a long story, i met this client in 1 years ago. Can you guess what i met him? I met him in the street in guangzhou! I went to guangzhou to the Cantone fair, since I can't go into the exhibition, so i hand out my business card to the potential client that i thought.Then that man who become my client now want me to give him my card and ask something what i did. We communicate for a while, then we keep in touch. In last two months ago, he called me and told me that he need tin box, wow, that's really surprised me! Then he came to our company fo
We went to check tin box's printing today in shijie town[ 01-17 12:43 ]
Today, we went to check tin box's printing in shijie town. We have an new tin box order, today is the printing date for this order. We went to check the printing with our client. During the priting, our client asked something questions about the printing's technology how it works. And satisfy our printing's quality. Everything was going smooth well today, haha... In the end, have a nice weekend!
Card Tin Holder-New Order[ 01-16 17:07 ]
It is really a good news that we got a new order of the card tin holder. The customer come from US and he said that they know Tinpak several year's ago as one of his friend who is just Tinpak's old customer in US introduce Tinpak to him. They also do some rese...
My US client arranged the mould and sample cost.[ 01-16 08:01 ]
My US client arranged the mould and sample cost. Last night, I checked the emails before sleep as usually. So exciting ! Mr Jeremy said they arrenged the payment of mould and sample cost for the new style oolong tea tins. This tea tin container is v...
My Myanmar Client placed a order of DVD tin cases after 2 hours communication[ 01-14 20:52 ]
My Myanmar Client placed a order of CD tin cases after 2 hours communication. In 6th Jan, I got a enquiry about CD tin cases from Alibaba.com. Ms Mary was very worry. "I need to buy CD cases from you!!!  Pls conact me urgently" Though it ...
I have a video conference with my US client today.[ 12-31 14:57 ]
I have a video conference with Mr Jon. Mr Jon own the Marketing Agency that is handling the premier of a new branded golf products. In Monday, Jon sent me a enquiry email. He enquiried a hingedA6 size tin boxes which has a transparent PVC window to pack the ...
The Swiss chocolate tins have passed inspection[ 12-29 15:06 ]
The Swiss chocolate tins passed inspection yesterday. The client was very satified the quality of these tins. Therefore,The Swiss chocolate tins have reorder for more than ten years since we started business in 2006. This project with high quality demands...
Thanks Letter From Germany Spice Company[ 12-27 16:16 ]
A weeks ago, I prepared X'mas gifts and sent them to our clients around the world. One of them was sent to Germany. When I supposed it should be lost in warehouse of the express company, my client sent me a nice letter for thanking as below. A future vision li...
Deal! Indian Client Reorder a 20 Ft Container of Round Socks Tin Box[ 12-26 09:45 ]
Last year is the first time we did business with this Indian Client. He ordered a 20 ft container of round socks tin boxes. He appreciated our good quality very much. Now he reordered a 20 ft container of this socks tins.
Deal!! New Order of Oval Tin is Coming to Tinpak![ 12-20 16:30 ]
 The order of oval tin box was settled down today. Our client is very concerned about this new project and we sent 4 samples to her for test again and again, which Tinpak seldom did it. Over 1-month negotiation, we tried our best to offer a low price to h...
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