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Does Tinpak make blue ray tin boxes?[ 05-24 23:00 ]
 As the best metal packaging company for multimedia products in China, Tinpak is able to make blu-ray tin boxes and now we have 4 existing tools in different styles. Besides, Tinpak can make any new blu-ray tins according to drawing or a sample box.
Can Tinpak make steelbook DVD tins?[ 05-24 22:52 ]
 Tinpak is proud of being the best manufacturer of DVD tins and tinpak has produced tens of millions of DVD tin boxes for worldwide famous companies such like Warner, Sony, BE, duetch film, etc. we can make any shape and sizes of new DVD tin boxes with pl...
How Can Tinpak solve the graphic problem for ball tin?[ 05-23 22:04 ]
This is a good question as this problem does make our brains ache! There is no technical solution to avoid the distortion on the ball tin's domed surface. What we can do is to do several tests and artwork modifications so that the printing on the metal ball ti...
what is the maxim size of a new Easter Egg tin?[ 05-23 21:55 ]
Easter Egg tin lid and base both are deeply drawn parts and the height limit is 50MM and the length is 150mm. We have several existing Easter Egg tins and if you accept any of our existing tins, you can save all the development costs.  
Does Tinpak make very good plug lid tin boxes?[ 05-23 21:52 ]
Tinpak can either make plug lid for your tin boxes or necked in body with very good lid fit to make your tin box very special. You can find several photos of tin containers with plug lid or if you need, we can send you photos of the plug lid tins we ever made ...
Can Tinpak make 3-D embossing for my Christmas tin?[ 05-23 21:47 ]
Tinpak are technically strong with multi-level embossing to meet your Christmas tin boxes attractive and specials. Besides, we have rich experience to realize the very fine embossed elements in the CHristmas tins.
Can Tinpak copy a sample tin box for production?[ 05-22 21:55 ]
Tinpak is one of the best tin box factories in Dongguan and Tinpak is equipped with a technically strong team of tooling engineers who can copy any tin box samples to make a new tool for production. But please be sure the tin box has no copy right issue in the...
Can Tinpak make tools for acute corner tin boxes?[ 05-22 21:53 ]
As an expert of decorative tin boxes, Tinpak can make acute corner tin boxes. Since 2006, we started to make acute corner tin boxes for different clients over the world and we now have rich experience with acute corner tin box tools and production management.
Does Tinpak will refund the tooling cost?[ 05-22 21:50 ]
To help our clients of tin boxes reduce their financial burdens, Tinpak encourage clients to buy more tins so that Tinpak can refund the tooling cost. Now Tinpak agrees to refund full tooling cost for one order of 100,000 pieces of tin boxes or total quantity ...
Does Tinpak has inhouse tooling facility?[ 05-22 21:45 ]
 Yes, Tinpak has its own tooling house and there are 10 experienced engineers working on new tools. Each month our own tooling house can make 5 new tin box tools and in peak season, we can outsource some tools from our subcontractors to make sure we can m...
How long does Tinpak need for a plastic mockup?[ 05-21 16:57 ]
For a common shaped tin boxes, Tinpak needs 3 working days for a new plastic sample after the drawing is provided. But for a complicated shape of tin box, we might need 5-7 days to complete the mockup sample. Besides, if the cilent requires more than 3 mockup...
What does Tinpak need to make a prototype mockup?[ 05-21 16:56 ]
Tinpak need a drawing which tells us an idea of your tin box or detailed description of the metal box you need. We can generate a computer prototype or 3D visual for your approval before we start to work on the the plastic sample.
When should we consider to make plastic samples?[ 05-21 16:52 ]
For a new tin box which you don’t know how the box looks like and how much the tin box will contain, you need a plastic prototype sample for test packing. This is economical and fast as one sample just takes 70USD and 5 days are enough for Tinpak to comp...
Can I get a price list of your tin containers from you?[ 05-20 20:22 ]
As Tinpak offers clients custom tin boxes and each client could have different printing specifications and demand of quantities, therefore, we can not offer cilents a price list of our existing tin boxes. In stead, we only offer prices based on each enqui...
How long is the price valid for my tin box enquiry?[ 05-20 20:19 ]
Usually Tinpak keeps the prices valid within 45 days after we provide the prices. That is sure we are open to discuss any special tin packaging project.    
Can Tinpak provide us a price range based on quantity breakdown?[ 05-20 20:16 ]
 Yes, Tinpak is willing to provide clients with different prices for different quantities of tin boxes. Once we know the breakdown quantities of enquired tin boxes, we usually offer client a price range as per the cilent's request. 
When can I get a quote of my tin box[ 05-20 20:12 ]
Tinpak promised to offer client a quote for the inquired tin boxes within 3-8 hours after our sales people receive the client's letter of enquiry. But please be patient to tell us all details related to the price, such as shape and size of the tin boxes, detai...
What is the MOQ of tin boxes?[ 05-19 18:11 ]
Tinpak understands a small client can grow to be a larger one, we accept small order quantity of 5000 pieces of tins or an order with value of 3000USD. In addition, if Tinpak have stock of silver tins, we can offer some hundreds of pieces.
How long for a new tin box tooling?[ 05-19 18:06 ]
At low season, Tinpak can complete a new tin box tool within 2-3 weeks for a standard tin box. At peak season, we need 3-4 weeks for a new metal tin. Please understand the time frame includes tool making, tinplate proof and sample making. If you want us t...
When do I must pay for my purchase of tin box?[ 05-19 18:04 ]
For T/T payment, we require 30% of desosit payment when the order is confirmed. The balance payment can be effected upon receipt of the copy B/L after the tin boxes are shipped on board.   For D/A payment terms, the client can pay the invoice after full...
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