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Do you make crackle varnished tea tins?[ 08-05 22:40 ]
Common varnishes on tea tins are glossy, Matt plus partial gloss with matt effect. In recent years, more and more Sri Lankan tea exporters and Russian tea companies come to adopt crackle varnish for their special tea tins which are used to pack their high end ...
Can you print 3D effect on the tin box?[ 08-03 12:43 ]
As the technical restriction, now Tinpak can't directly printed on the tin box. But Tinpak can make 3D effect in other ways.
Do you make 3D embossed tin boxes?[ 07-29 22:17 ]
Tinpak is a professional tin box manufacturer and exporter and we are technically strong with multi-level embossings to meet tin box importer's expectations on innovative metal packaging tin boxes. Usually tin box buyer's just send us an embossing guide with d...
When can I get the tin box samples?[ 07-25 15:53 ]
In the slack season, time for standard tin box is 12 days. In the slack season, time for standard tin box is 15 days.
How long for a new tin box tool?[ 07-24 20:45 ]
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What CD tins you ever made for AC/DC?[ 07-22 22:24 ]
As the best CD tin box producer, Tinpak had the luck to produce the double lidded CD tin for AC/DC in 2007 for the special album of BLACK ICE. This album CD tin has an inner metal tray which is wisely designed to hold the disc CD. Inside the music album CD tin...
What is artwork format of tin box provided to you?[ 07-18 11:26 ]
The artwork of tin box should be high definition.Therefore the artwork format of tin box is AI, PDF, EPS, CDR or PSD.
how to avoid the tin boxes beinig scratched?[ 07-15 23:21 ]
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what is a CD Tin with window?[ 07-14 22:19 ]
A CD tin box can have a PVC or APET window in the lid so that customers can see clearly what is packed inside the CD tin and what is printed on the surface of the CD disc. Tinpak makes millions of CD tin box with window in the lid and the rolled inside edge ma...
What is the CMYK color printing on the tin boxes?[ 07-13 09:58 ]
The CMYK color model (process color, four color) is a subtractive color model, used in color printing, and is also used to describe the printing process itself.
Do you make Sarotti Chocolate tin box?[ 07-10 22:49 ]
Sarotti is one of the biggest chocolatiers in Germany and they started with this square Sarotti chocolate tin to pack their  chocolates 10 years ago and each year they formulated a new design with highly embossed figurines in the lid. Fro...
Do you have cake tin box for sale?[ 07-10 21:52 ]
Tin box is widely used to pack candy, chocolates, biscuits and even cakes. Cake tin box now becomes popular on the European markets and Tinpak started to make cake tins since 2011. Now we have wide range of cake tin boxes, either in round, oval shape, rectangu...
do you have ice bucket tin?[ 07-07 12:16 ]
Tinpak makes various kinds of decorative tin boxes which includes the ice bucket tin boxes. Usually the ice bucket tin is made of galvanized tinplate which is very strong and good for printing. To make sure the ice bucket tin doesn't leak, each tin must be tre...
do you make soap tins?[ 07-04 10:16 ]
Tinpak is a tin box manufacturer and exporter and we can make different soap tin boxes per client's demand. Now soap tins are more and more welcome on the Wester markets and Tinpak makes millions of soap tin boxes for export markets. Aside of the soap tin boxe...
What is the material of tray in the DVD tin case?[ 07-04 09:59 ]
The material of tray in the DVD tin case is made of PP, PS, flocking PS, PVC.The color can be customized.
Do you have any sales agent in USA?[ 06-23 13:39 ]
Tinpak has no sales agent in USA to sell our decorative tin boxes but our sales team knows exactly how to help you purchase our tin boxes with factory price. Please clearly tell us the shape and the size of tin box you want, the printing specifications you nee...
Why Do Some Tin Boxes Have Inner Lid?[ 06-22 23:03 ]
Inner lid is widely used in narrow round tin box, sometimes square tin box and rectangular tin box.  1. What kind of tin box need inner lids? Tin boxes for tea, coffee, herb or spice usually need inner lid. Because inner lid can provent moisture an...
Can you make very good plug lid tin case[ 06-20 14:45 ]
As a reputed tin box manufacturer in China, Tinpak can either make plug lid or necked in body with very good lid fit. Usually plug lid tin is available for heart shapes, round tins, rectangular tins, square tins and some irregular shapes of tin boxes. Plug lid...
Do you have dust free packing facility?[ 06-17 21:53 ]
Tinpak has established dust free packing department for food tins and there are separate entries for workers and products. Before the tin boxes are moved in for cleaning and assembly, the tin lids and bases are disinfected by Ultraviolet lamp. Before the worke...
Who will organize ocean shipment of my order?[ 06-17 21:48 ]
For FOB orders of tin boxes, our shipping will work with tin box buyer's forwarder to handle the shipment of each order. For CNF and CIF orders, Tinpak will book the containers with our own forwarders and our sales representatives will advise you det...
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