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Italy Client Confirmed 125K Rectangular Candy Tin Order![ 04-10 11:17 ]
In this Thursday, one of our Italy client confirmed a rectangular candy tin order. It is a two pieces rectangualr tin box, very simple, but quite popular for candy mints packaging becasue it is very convenient to be carried.  The first...
A Media Packaging Order Is Confirmed[ 01-08 13:37 ]
200k of media packaging order was confirmed on 1st January, 2021. This is a good beginning for new year!
Tinpak re-newed BRC certificate.[ 01-05 19:31 ]
In November 12th-13th of 2020, Tinpak conducted new run of yearly BRC certificate audit. No surprises for evaluation, the result was “Pass with grade A” as always. Today we got the certificate.
A Detailed Tin Boxes Production Video[ 12-25 18:37 ]
This video will help you learn well about how the tin boxes to be produced.
One round click clack tin order was confirmed before Christmas Eve ![ 12-24 18:50 ]
On December 23 ( one day before Christmas Eve), one Canada client confirmed a round click clack tin order. Quantity is only 5200pcs, but it is still a good small gift for Christmas because it means one more client’s trust and commitment to Tinpak. This round click clack tins were a good package box for marble chocolates, small mints, tobacco?or?cigarette?ash.
A Chocolate Tin Boxes Re-Order from German Client[ 12-16 20:14 ]
On 12th of December, 40K of chocolate tin boxes is confirmed.
Food grade is always Tinpak tin boxes basic principle ![ 12-10 18:55 ]
On December 4th, test agent send us the test report made by one of our Denmark clients for their tea tin orders. Without doubts, the test result is “Pass“ as always. The client ordered 13000pcs large tea tins and 10000pcs small tea tins. It has been their third time re-order. For each time order, they made EU food grade testing based on EC 76/769/EEC and EC 1935/2004 on the tea tin cans. Every time, result was “Pass”. Today they told us their client is plan to confirm the next order, quantity increase to be 100,000+ tea tins. It is so happy that our premium packaging promoted their sells, as
Tinpak Received A Cosmetic Tin Order[ 12-09 15:10 ]
On 7th December, Tinpak received a confirmation of cosmetic tin order.
A Big Chocolate Tin Boxes Order Is Confirmed[ 12-04 17:46 ]
Good news, on 4th December, Tinpak got a chocolates tin order, its quantity is 120,000pices.
A rectangular candy tin sample order was confirmed ![ 12-03 11:40 ]
On this Monday ( November 30th ), an Italy client confirmed a candy tin sample order. It is a two pieces rectangualr tin box, very simple, but quite popular for candy, mints packaging becasue it is very convenient to be carried.
1500K round spice tins was confirmd on Nov 24th.[ 11-28 17:48 ]
With most cost-effective price, super service, premium quality, we got one more spice tin orders from our German client, quantity 1500K. This client have a great needs on tin boxes purchasing each year. Before meet Tinpak, they bought spice tins with other suppliers. Within 2 years copperation since 2019, we brought them many positive experiences “ Wow, your service’s so good.” “ Clients were satisfied with the goods very much.” “ Your feedback so fast.” “You production workshop is so clean, so good.” ....
Tinpak Got Chocolate Tins Order on Thanksgiving Day![ 11-26 18:57 ]
On Thanksgiving Day, Tinpak got a chocolate tin boxes reorder! Thanks for the client!
Tinpak Thanks Client's A Spice Tin Canister Reorder[ 11-22 18:43 ]
On 19th November, Tinpak received a confirmation of spice tin reorders again! This is the second big order for spice tin packaging this month.
A round spice tin order was confirmed ![ 11-11 18:23 ]
Spice tin jars with shaker lid are greatly increasing in demand in these years. On November 10th, one more spice tin jars order was final confirmed. The client have being ordered spice tin jars from us for 3 years. This year, their spice tin order quantity increased 35% than last year. With automatic production lines ensuring fast delivery, stable premium quality, and most cost-effective price for less labors needed, they have been very satisfied with us.
A Tea Tin Canisters Reorder[ 11-10 11:26 ]
On 10th November, Tinpak received the deposit of Canadian client's tea tins reorder.
Second New Tea Tins mold Order Was Confirmed by A Canadian Client[ 11-04 11:33 ]
On 2nd November, one of our Canadian client confirmed a new tea tin box mold order.
One round pocket ashtray tin order is on the way ![ 11-03 15:46 ]
During this week, we are making samples for a round pocket?ashtray tin order, order quantity about 50,000pcs. This round pocket?ashtray tin is with screw lid, when close the?ashtray tin box, it is not easy to open. The size is small, so being used as a pocket?ashtray tin holder is perfect becasue it is very convenient and safe to be carried in the pocket.
Germany client transfered a spice tin order to Tinpak from their old supplier![ 10-29 19:17 ]
In the begining of this month, one of our germany clients confirmed a spice tin order to Tinpak. They ordered this spice tins with their old supplier for four years. Now they completely gave up the copperation with their old supplier and took the molds to Tinpak and appoint Tinpak to produce the spice tins for them from now on.
Russian client confirmed a rectangular tea tin order ![ 10-24 18:25 ]
On this Monday, one of my Russian client confirmed a rectangular tea tin order. So far, within this year, it has been the third time they have re-ordered this rectangular tea tins, total quantity accumulates to more than 100,000pcs.
The UK Client Was Satisfied with Our Working for Making New Mold[ 10-23 08:43 ]
The UK Client Was Satisfied with Our Working for Making New Mold Toolings.
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