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Dragon Boat Festival, We wish you a lot of happiness![ 06-21 10:34 ]
Tomorrow will be Dragon Boat Festival, we wish all our clients, suppliers and our colleagues a happy Dragon Boat Festival ! As a 19 years professional?tin boxes?manufacturer, we have supplied countless festival gift tin boxes for our domestic and overseas clients.
Two Christmas Candy Tin Orders Is Coming ![ 05-19 16:25 ]
In recent weeks, one of our US clients confirmed two Christmas candy tin orders. One is two pieces round tin order, quantity 90K, another one is rectangular tin order, quantity 100K. Both are new designs for Christmas season, now we are proceeding samples making for client’s approval before come to mass order production. Color matching is very essential for this client, so we take great importance on colors matching control. To fulfil client’s high colors matching standard, we adjusted different color versions based on client’s original designs and make them into real pieces to test out the cl
Square Tea Tin Boxes Order[ 05-10 15:07 ]
One of our UK client ordered 5k tea tin boxes for his trial order last week. The lift lid is a feature for this packaging to catch people’s eyes on loose tea shop. This is en excellent packaging.
A Christmas Tree Shaped Tins Order[ 05-02 17:29 ]
This tree shaped tins box is a regular packaging box for her to order. The unique looking is easy for catch people’s eyes when they go into shop.
Christmas Tins Reorders From German Client[ 02-10 18:24 ]
Last week was a fantastic one because we received a reorder from one German client.
German Client Ordered Spice Tins[ 11-22 09:49 ]
This sliver spice tin is ordered by a German client. The round spice tins has a inner lid with plastic knob. The different heights need people’s demand.
Metal square mint tins order was confirmed[ 11-11 10:21 ]
The square mint tin is with 2-piece structure, with hinge and PET transparent window on top. The structure is not complicated and easy to be produced by our automatic machine, especially for window of the lid top, it can see the quality of mint from outside by consumers. Mint tin surface printing is green color with crackle varnish effects, it looks super nice and elegant. As it has quality printing on outside, which will attract most of consumer’s attention when they go shopping.
Annual BRC factory audit was successfully done this week![ 10-27 17:04 ]
This week, Tinpak proceeded BRC factory audit. Third party auditors are very satisfied with our factory production workshop and packing environment. The audit work was done within two days. There is no doubt that the result will be PASS like always.
New Tea Tins order Comes from Myanmar[ 10-18 19:46 ]
Receiving a Tea Tins order from Myanmar this week. The order quantity is 30k.   This order includes two types square tins. One has a metal inner lids, the other one has a plastic inner lids. Both types of inner lids are useful for storing the tea in a ...
100K square tea tins is offering[ 10-14 16:49 ]
100K square tea tins is offering to one of our US client last days. Tea tins is with lever lid on top and need the tool to open. This airtight lid structure, it can keep the tea fresh and not easy to get wet when is second open. This square tea tin boxes with lever lid, it is not only can pack tea, but also can pack other foods, such as candies, chocolates, cookies, mints and other necessary gummies, etc.
A pocket ashtray Tins Order Was Confirmed ![ 09-30 17:00 ]
This week, one Germany client confirmed a 60K pocket ashtray tin order. It is a round screw tin in size dia 60 x 24 Hmm, very tiny, easy to carry in pocket. The screw function makes it not easy to open when the tin box is closed. It is not only suitable for pocket ashtray packaging, but also good for mints, candies, or seeds packaging.
German Client Reordered Easter Tins for 2023[ 09-18 16:17 ]
This easter tin is 2-pieces structure, seamless bottom makes all chocolates store inside be airtight and be fresh for a long time.
Square tin will be created for stroop wafel[ 09-08 15:20 ]
The metal tin is tiny, smooth and elegant but not bulky, although their structure is very special and complicated, client still likes to use it for their food packaging because of tin boxes decorative and rare.
Client’s satisfaction is the best rewards to us ![ 09-02 11:48 ]
A Russian client confirmed an tea tins re-order in last month, now the goods were finished. We reminded client to arrange inspection as always they would do. Client told no need to take inspection this time as they believe us, believe our quality. We have produced 8 tea tin orders for this clients since started cooperation in 2019. Before 2019, they produced their tea tins in other tin box factories. But since 2019, client established a very close cooperation relationship with us, and frequently, we received satisfaction feedback from the client. It’s really happy for us, not because how much
Australian Spice Tins Order Is Recieved[ 08-28 18:40 ]
Tinpak received a spice tins order from Australian client, and the order quantity is 250k.
Child resistant metal round tins is reordered[ 08-18 16:02 ]
One of our US customer reorder our child resistant metal round tins today. These years, cannabis gummies or cigarette is very popular in the U.S market and some continents of US get approval with law to farm cannabis, which can use for food, medicine, cigarette and body care, etc. Our CR metal round tin is child resistant, children can not reach them on the shelf, it is very safe for customer to use for different items packaging.
Tinpak Office Afternoon Tea Meeting[ 08-10 18:17 ]
On Thursday of last week, Tinpak office colleagues had an afternoon tea meeting. The meeting was not for work discussion like before, it was a complete relax and departmental intermingling meeting. We enjoyed fruits and dessert, communicating, laughing. It was a 2 hours meeting not involving work, but absolutely benefited everyone of us because it made us relax, knew more about colleagues, made Tinpak office team more harmonious, which as a result, would make our internal work more efficient.
A Screw Lid Tins Order Is Coming![ 08-07 22:25 ]
At the beginning of August 2022, we sent out a screw lids round tin samples to our UK client. The client confirmed once the samples are approved, the order quantity is 240k.
600K metal round cookie tins is offering[ 07-28 10:00 ]
one of our US client requested us to offer 600K quantity price for their metal round cookie tins. This round cookie tins is a very simple structure and a stackable step on top lid which can save their shelf space. Tinpak, which is with rich experience for round metal tins production, has provided a very good price for our clients, we believe customer will feedback us these two days.
A Tea Tins Order Is On the way![ 07-21 17:05 ]
This week, one of our US clients confirmed a 120K tea tin order. It is a round tin box for loose tea packaging.
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