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A Spice Tin Containers Order from Australian Client[ 07-28 11:16 ]
A Spice Tin Containers Order from Australian Client.
One more professional spice tin automatic production lines were set up in Tinpak![ 07-25 15:45 ]
Under affects of Corona-virus, many people all over the world can not or are not willing to eating out. They willing to cook at home for health thinking. To alive the atmosphere,  barbecue at home is more and more popular. Under such circumstance, sp...
Candle Tins Are Always Popular[ 07-19 08:49 ]
A big order of below welded candle tin came this week. It is a very popular candle in Europa.   The below round candle was designated with a special base but you can't spot it by eyes. The special base protects water and wax from leaking out. Thus, no n...
US client confirmed a candy tin box order[ 07-18 10:41 ]
Good news! Today a US client confirmed a candy tin box order to Tinpak, order quantity is 135,000pcs candy tins. The client is a very big famous candy and chocolates products manufacturer in US, they have been established more than 100 years. The client
A Urgent Tea Tin Boxes Order from US Client[ 07-17 14:30 ]
A urgent small tea tin boxes order ordered by a US client.
A Pleasant Travel for Tinpak[ 01-04 16:01 ]
On 22th December 2018, we took train and went to Guilin for travel.
Tinpak Certified by BRC Successfully[ 12-27 08:24 ]
Tinpak Certified by BRC Successfully
Denmark client visited Tinpak for gift tins[ 12-28 19:24 ]
On December 18th, our Denmark client Mr. Ole visited Tinpak. It was his second time to visit us. Almost at the same time of last year he came to us for a local famous brand tea tins. This time he came to discuss about a square gift tin for an European famous female closing brand
New Japanese Client visited Tinpak[ 12-18 13:49 ]
On December 12, a new Japanese client visited Tinpak after meeting on Mega show.
Singapore client confirmed a lunch tin box order[ 04-27 18:29 ]
God new! Today my new client from Singapore confirmed a lunch tin box order to Tinpak. It was existing because the client confirmed the order just in one hour since our first contacting.
USA client confirmed a round coffee tin order[ 04-25 10:01 ]
Today my new client from USA confirmed a round coffee tin order to Tinpk. The customer is doing coffee business. It was their first time to purchase tin boxes for their coffee packaging.
Mongolia Client Visited Tinpak for Ger Shaped Chocolate Tins[ 04-12 19:24 ]
On April 10, 2017, my new client Mr. Baku and his partner from Mongolia visited Tinpak for ger shape chocolate tins.When they came to our factory and our sampling room,they were excited. So many beautiful tin boxes in different sizes, shapes and graphics gave them great inspiration in their chocolates and candy packing.
Tinpak in Winter Fancy Food Show, 2017 for Food Packaging[ 02-20 10:57 ]
Winter Fancy Food Show is high-quality and largest food show in San Francisco, CA with different countries food manufacturers and wholesalers.Tinpak, as a tin box packaging manufacturer, will be very helpful to clients’food packaging.
Tinpak Available at Winter Fancy Food Show 2017 in San Francisco[ 01-09 08:13 ]
Dongguan Tinpak Co., Ltd will attend the Winter Fancy Food Show 2017 in San Francisco to meet the tin boxes buyers in food industry. Our booth number is 4147.
Tinpak's 2nd Experiential Training[ 01-04 09:03 ]
On December 28th, Tinpak held the 2ndexperiential training in Tinpak’s meeting room. The subject is Knowing Your Customers and Colleagues by DISC.
Tinpak's 1st Team Building Outing[ 12-27 08:17 ]
On December 23rd, last Friday, Tinpak held the 1st team building outing in Tongsha Park to welcome the coming Christmas Day. Every Tinpak team member was very happy and active in the game.
Denmark client visited Tinpak for tea tins[ 12-14 09:24 ]
On December 8th, our new clients Mr. Jens and Mr. Ole from Denmark visited Tinpak for tea packaging solution.
Dubai clients visited Tinpak[ 11-18 09:45 ]
On November 10th, Mr. Israr Ahmed and their deputy General Manager Mr. Babak visited Tinpak. They were very happy with what he saw at Tinpak: food tins in various shapes, size and printing; well organized and clear workshops; good understanding and quick response to their question and packaging concept.
India client visited Tinpak in search of Reading glasses tin container[ 11-16 09:44 ]
India client visited Tinpak in search of Reading glasses tin containers.
Tinpak in HK Mega Show[ 11-02 10:12 ]
This year, Tinpak, specalized in tin boxes or tin packing, intends to expand our business. So, we start to take part in different fair or exhibition this year. Last week, Tinpak parcitipated in HK Mega show.
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