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Item No: ***
RD168168255 Size: ***
Dia168x255mm Tinplate: ***
0.28mm thickness Printing:***
Customized Embossing: ***
Customized Spot glossy: Customized
Custom Square Tea Tin Caddy with Inner Lid
Item No: SQ075075097
Size: 75x75x97mm|2.95"x2.95"x3.82"
Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
Printing: CMYK offset printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
Being made of food grade and recyclable tinplate,this tea tin caddy is safe for loose tea packaging and is the most friendly packaging material to the earth.
3 tiers round small tea tin caddy
Item No: RD074074229
Size: Dia.74x229mmH ( Dia.2.91x9.02")
Tinplate: 0.23mm
Printing:CMYK off printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
Nowadays, package plays a more and more important role in the marketing. Based on a survery that most people not only buy the things but also would like to pay a higher price for the el[more]
small square tea tin caddy
Item No:SQ050050075
Size: 50X50X75MM| 1.97"X1.97"X2.95"
Tinplate: 0.23MM
Printing:CMYK custom printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available

The small square tea tin caddy is the best packaging solution for tea. Its small size makes it handy especially in travel. Factory directly price and customized printin[more]
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