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[Tinpak News]A round spice tin order was confirmed ![ 2020-11-11 18:23 ]
Spice tin jars with shaker lid are greatly increasing in demand in these years. On November 10th, one more spice tin jars order was final confirmed. The client have being ordered spice tin jars from us for 3 years. This year, their spice tin order quantity increased 35% than last year. With automatic production lines ensuring fast delivery, stable premium quality, and most cost-effective price for less labors needed, they have been very satisfied with us.
[Tinpak News]One more spice tin jars order is on the way ![ 2020-08-14 14:37 ]
Tin spice jars with metal lids are really greatly increasing in demand this year, especially recently. Tinpak, as a 19 years old professional tin box/tin containers/ tin jars factory, we surely cherish this opportunity with the best equipment and service, which as a result, we have been getting many big orders for spice tin packaging containers.
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