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Wholesale Cut Corner Metal Coffee Tins
Item No: OT100100065
Size: 100x100x65mm|3.94"x3.94"x2.60"
Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
Printing:CMYK offset printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
The coffee tins have no sharp edges, all edges are rounded and formed from .23mm tinplate. Tightly outward rolled edge on its bottom creates a seal between base and body.[more]
Airtight Coffee Tins with Plastic Lid
Item No: OB094056155
Size: 94x56x155mm|3.70"x2.20"x6.10"
Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
Printing:CMYK offset printing
Spot glossy: Available
This coffee tin with plastic lid is a great alternative to plastic valve bags to store coffee. It offers the same level of protection with a lot more durability.
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