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Bulk Rectangular Christmas Tins with Lid
Item No: OB153144035
Size: 153x144x35mm|6.02"x5.67"x1.38"
Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
Printing: CMYK offset printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
This rectangular Christmas tin is a perfect packaging solution for gift giving, which is a food-safe storage and display box for your Christmas Day!
Bulk Decorative Christmas Tins Company
Item No: UK154113044
Size: 154x113x44mm|6.06x4.45x1.73"
Tinplate: 0.23mm food grade
Printing:CMYK custom printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
This decorative Christmas tin is very suitable to be used on Christmas Day for its tree shaped and lovely printing, which can catch people'eyes.
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