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Christmas metal gift box candy tins with clear lid
Item No: SQ155155076
Size: 155x155x76mmH|6.1"x6.1"x2.99"
Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
Printing: CMYK
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
These Christmas metal gift boxes with a clear window insert that allows for easy visibility. The window in the lid can be custom shaped with new tools and the PET window is food grade. [more]
Bulk Personalized Valentine Candy Tins
Item No: OB211118015
Size: 211x118x15mm|8.31"x4.65"x0.59"
Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
Printing:CMYK custom printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
A great way to give Valentine's Day treats such as candies, chocolates, cookies,and other goodies to your loved ones! This Valentine tin comes in Valentine's designs. [more]
Vintage easter candy tins
Item No: SQ076076024
Size: 76x76x24mm|2.99"x2.99"x0.94"
Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
Printing:CMYK custom printing
Embossing: Not Available
Spot glossy: Available
This adorable square easter candy tin with a window on its lid,so one can see through without opening lid.It is perfect for candy lovers![more]
Empty Candy Tins
Item No: ***
Size: ***
Tinplate: ***
Embossing: ***
Spot glossy: ***
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