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[Tinpak News]Tinpak Office Afternoon Tea Meeting[ 2022-08-10 18:17 ]
On Thursday of last week, Tinpak office colleagues had an afternoon tea meeting. The meeting was not for work discussion like before, it was a complete relax and departmental intermingling meeting. We enjoyed fruits and dessert, communicating, laughing. It was a 2 hours meeting not involving work, but absolutely benefited everyone of us because it made us relax, knew more about colleagues, made Tinpak office team more harmonious, which as a result, would make our internal work more efficient.
[Tinpak News]A Screw Lid Tins Order Is Coming![ 2022-08-07 22:25 ]
At the beginning of August 2022, we sent out a screw lids round tin samples to our UK client. The client confirmed once the samples are approved, the order quantity is 240k.
[Tinpak News]600K metal round cookie tins is offering[ 2022-07-28 10:00 ]
one of our US client requested us to offer 600K quantity price for their metal round cookie tins. This round cookie tins is a very simple structure and a stackable step on top lid which can save their shelf space. Tinpak, which is with rich experience for round metal tins production, has provided a very good price for our clients, we believe customer will feedback us these two days.
[Tinpak News]A Tea Tins Order Is On the way![ 2022-07-21 17:05 ]
This week, one of our US clients confirmed a 120K tea tin order. It is a round tin box for loose tea packaging.
[Tinpak News]2023 Eaters Tins Orders Are Confirmed[ 2022-07-14 15:46 ]
The lovely easter tins are used for chocolates packaging.The unique shapes with lovely printing, makes these easter tin boxes be eye-catching in the shops.
[Tinpak News]2 cavity metal round tea tin was requested the offer[ 2022-07-08 15:51 ]
Today, one of our potential customer who has 45 years long time tea experience history in Canada, requested us offer a cavity metal round tea tin for reference. The lower cavity is put cookies and top cavity is put small amount tea for consumer. Metal tea tin on lid top has a vivid embossing to show their brand and colorful design to show information to consumer what it is inside.
[Tinpak News]A Candy Tins Order Was Confirmed ![ 2022-06-30 18:50 ]
In the beginning of this month, one of our clients confirmed a 75K candy tin order. It is a round candy tin box for mint candies packaging. The candy tin was used for promotion gift tins in Halloween’s day. Its shape is simple, but the vivid 3D emboss design makes the candy tin quite unique and very eye-catching.
[Tinpak News]A Tea Metal Boxes Order Is Confirmed[ 2022-06-23 19:12 ]
At the beginning of June 2022, we received a tea metal boxes order from one of Canadian clients. The order quantity is 40K
[Tinpak News]Metal candle tin boxes order was confirmed[ 2022-06-17 10:47 ]
metal candle tin boxes is very popular in market, on the one hand, people likes elegant appearance of different tin packaging to decorate their candles. After candles used out, our nice metal tin boxes can still make sense for things storage. On the other hand, people likes romantic atmosphere, special favor of candles can sweet all room and not only can decorate their places, but also can relax themselves
[Tinpak News]A Metal CD Cases Order[ 2022-05-15 12:51 ]
On 5th of May 2022, we received a CD metal cases order, its quantity is 150k.
[Certificates & Reports]Tinpak Re-newed 2022 BRC and Sedex 4P certificate.[ 2022-04-26 17:11 ]
As a 18 years professional tin box manufacturer and exporter, Tinpak renew BRC and Sedex 4P certificate every year. Tinpak - a tin box manufacturer makes only premium tins, this is not just a word, but also a kind of confidence and commitment. Here is the 2022 re-newed BRC and Sedex certificate.
[Tinpak News]Food grade metal tin boxes for our Australia customers[ 2022-04-21 16:11 ]
Most of our metal tin packaging were sale to US, Europe and Canada before, in this year, one of our Main market-Australia customers give us many tin boxes orders, most of their products are tea, chocolate&candy and spice. With economy increasing, people consumption is getting strong, the requirement for some tin boxes packaging is increasing even inflation is existing through the global world.
[Tinpak News]Round Spice Tins Order Was Confirmed[ 2022-04-14 15:31 ]
On 8th April 2022, German client confirmed a spice tins order, the quantity is 200k.
[Tinpak News]Denmark Client Confirmed 2100K Spice Tin Order![ 2022-04-02 14:03 ]
In January of 2022, one of our Denmark client confirmed a 2100K spice tin order. It is a square tin box with inner inlay, seems quite simple, but very popular for spices and seasonings packaging in Europe.
[Tinpak News]Food grade is always Tinpak tin boxes basic principle ![ 2022-01-05 18:55 ]
On December 4th, test agent send us the test report made by one of our Denmark clients for their tea tin orders. Without doubts, the test result is “Pass“ as always. The client ordered 13000pcs large tea tins and 10000pcs small tea tins. It has been their third time re-order. For each time order, they made EU food grade testing based on EC 76/769/EEC and EC 1935/2004 on the tea tin cans. Every time, result was “Pass”. Today they told us their client is plan to confirm the next order, quantity increase to be 100,000+ tea tins. It is so happy that our premium packaging promoted their sells, as
[Tinpak News]Italy Client Confirmed 125K Rectangular Candy Tin Order![ 2021-04-10 11:17 ]
In this Thursday, one of our Italy client confirmed a rectangular candy tin order. It is a two pieces rectangualr tin box, very simple, but quite popular for candy mints packaging becasue it is very convenient to be carried.  The first...
[Tinpak News]A Media Packaging Order Is Confirmed[ 2021-01-08 13:37 ]
200k of media packaging order was confirmed on 1st January, 2021. This is a good beginning for new year!
[Tinpak News]Tinpak re-newed BRC certificate.[ 2021-01-05 19:31 ]
In November 12th-13th of 2020, Tinpak conducted new run of yearly BRC certificate audit. No surprises for evaluation, the result was “Pass with grade A” as always. Today we got the certificate.
[Tinpak News]A Detailed Tin Boxes Production Video[ 2020-12-25 18:37 ]
This video will help you learn well about how the tin boxes to be produced.
[Tinpak News]One round click clack tin order was confirmed before Christmas Eve ![ 2020-12-24 18:50 ]
On December 23 ( one day before Christmas Eve), one Canada client confirmed a round click clack tin order. Quantity is only 5200pcs, but it is still a good small gift for Christmas because it means one more client’s trust and commitment to Tinpak. This round click clack tins were a good package box for marble chocolates, small mints, tobacco?or?cigarette?ash.
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