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Metal slip lid CD Tin Box

    • Item No: OB140124012
      Size:140x124012mm|5.5" x 4.9" x 0.5"
      Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
      Printing: CMYK custom printing
      Embossing: Available
      Tray: supplied and fitted
      Slip lid CD tin box with plastic tray to hold the disc in place, printed with fine graphics looks much better than the common plastic CD cases.
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    This High quality CD tin is used to make this tin case with a unique look which is more durable than any plastic cd cases. High quality tinplate with lithographic printing makes this CD tin case more attractive than the usual plastic CD cases.




    Christmas CD tin wholesale

    This CD tin case has seperate top and base parts as there is no hinge and the black tray inside the Metal CD tin case can hold up to 2 discs in a stacked format.

    CD tin box for Christmas gifts

    You can remove the CD tray easily so that the empty CD tin box can be re-used for other purposes other than media storage.

    music CD storage tin box


    Tinpak is the best CD tin box manufacturer in Mainland China and we have produces tens of millions fo CD tin boxes for oversea markets like USA, Germany, UK, Holland, Canada and now Tinpak owns more than 45 different CD tin cases production tools. Besides, we can develop a new CD tin according to client's ideas, drawings and samples.

    CD Tin box factory's tools








    About Tinpak

    Tinpak is a custom tin boxes supplier with manufacturing factories in Dongguan China. As a professional manufacturere of decorative tin boxes, we are specialized in tooling, litho-printing, manufacturing and marketing full range of decorative tin boxes, metal tin containers, custom tin cases, metal tin trays, such as poporn tins, DVD tins, Chocolate tins, Tea tins, Christmas tin boxes, Mint tins, Candy tin boxes, gift tin boxes, etc.

    Dongguan Tinpak Co., Ltd. factoryWith 400 well trained and treated employees, we can produce 80,000 tins a day on 2 shifts. With in-house tooling department, we could tailor make different sizes and shapes of tin boxes

    as per customers' expectation. For a new tool, Tinpak can finish the job within 3-5 weeks. 



    As Tinpak has been offering global clients with high quality tinplate products for high end metal packaging, competitive offers as well as satisfactory services, we have established good partnership with hundreds of clients in Europe, Americas and Oceania for the supply of decorative tin boxes at wholesale prices.

    Looking forward to cooperate with you!

    Contact Tinpak

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    Fax:       0086-769-2227 3556

    Mobile:    0086 138 2917 9297

    E-mail:    inquiry@tinpak.com

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    Address:   Tinpak Bldg., Tongyue Road, Tongsha Industrial District, Dongguan City, China 523128




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    Wholesale Premium Round Seamless Tin
    Wholesale Premium Round Seamless Tin
    Item No: RD180180022
    Size: Dia 180x22mmH (Dia 7.09x0.87")
    Tinplate: 0.23mm tinplate
    Printing: CMYK off printing
    Embossing: Available
    Spot glossy: Available
    The round seamless tin is a perfect solution as it can provide good protection to CD with the rigid and durable material.
    lunch tin boxes for DVD discs
    lunch tin boxes for DVD discs
    Item No: UK160145075
    Size: 160X145X75MM | 6.3"X5.7"X2.9"
    Tinplate: 0.23MM
    Printing:CMYK offset printing
    Embossing: Available
    Spot glossy: Available
    This lunch tin box for DVD discs is very unique. It looks cool and feels cool.
    rectangular CD tin case with hinged lid
    rectangular CD tin case with hinged lid
    Item No: OB153144026
    Size: 153x144x26mm|6.02"x5.67"x1.02"
    Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
    Printing: CMYK offset printing
    Embossing: Available
    Spot glossy: Available
    This rectangular CD tin case can be printed your desired design and embossed your own logo so as to make them stand out from the competition and enhan
    tin cd cases for sale
    tin cd cases for sale
    Item No: RD128128010 Size: Dia128*10Hmm Tinplate: 0.23mm first grade tinplate Printing:CMYK Spot glossy: NO

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