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300 RectangularTin Tray 15mmH

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  • Item No: OB300200015
    Size: 300X200X15MM | 11.81"X7.87"X0.59"
    Tinplate: 0.23MM
    Printing:CMYK offset printing
    Embossing: Not Available
    Spot glossy:Not Available
    This custom tin tray is made up of 0.25mm food grade tinplate. It is a great tin tray for serving food and drinks, such as fruit, beer, snacks, tea or coffee, etc.
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This custom tin tray is made up of 0.25mm food grade tinplate. It is a great tin tray for serving  food and drinks, 

such as fruit, beer, snacks, tea or coffee, etc. It is very durable and practical, perfect for using at a party or at 

home, restaurant, bar, hotel, etc. 


The custom CMYK printing gives the tin tray a good looking and attractive. The food grade lacquer protects it 

from rust. The size 300x200x15MM makes the tin tray particular suitable for bar or restaurant as well as 



Tinplate can be formed into not only tin trays but also many kinds of packaging boxes, baskets, etc. The highly 

malleable metal can be manipulated into all kinds of shapes and be adorned to the full extent of your imagination.


Besides more than 700 sets of existing molds with different shapes and sizes standby to meet your different 

packaging needs, Tinpak is also known throughout the custom tin industry to be a leader in marketing and 

innovation. Tinpak's custom tins have won numerous prestigious packaging awards ranging from custom 

confectionery tins to DVD tins. Contact us today to begin work on your custom tin or stock tin project.



About Tinpak

Tinpak is a custom tin boxes supplier with manufacturing factories in Dongguan China. As a professional manufacturere of decorative tin boxes, we are specialized in tooling, litho-printing, manufacturing and marketing full range of decorative tin boxes, metal tin containers, custom tin cases, metal tin trays, such as poporn tins, DVD tins, Chocolate tins, Tea tins, Christmas tin boxes, Mint tins, Candy tin boxes, gift tin boxes, etc.

Dongguan Tinpak Co., Ltd. factoryWith 400 well trained and treated employees, we can produce 80,000 tins a day on 2 shifts. With in-house tooling department, we could tailor make different sizes and shapes of tin boxes

as per customers' expectation. For a new tool, Tinpak can finish the job within 3-5 weeks. 



As Tinpak has been offering global clients with high quality tinplate products for high end metal packaging, competitive offers as well as satisfactory services, we have established good partnership with hundreds of clients in Europe, Americas and Oceania for the supply of decorative tin boxes at wholesale prices.

Looking forward to cooperate with you!

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Antique round metal tea tins
Antique round metal tea tins
Item No: RD076076170
Size: Dia 76x170mm|Dia3.0"x6.7"
Tinplate: 0.23MM
Printing:CMYK offset printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
The tea tin is made up of slip lid, body and out-curled bottom. A step on the lid allows it stack each other. It can save space when putting on the shelf.
Luxury Chocolate Tin Cans for Sale
Luxury Chocolate Tin Cans for Sale
Item No: OB115103040
Size: 115x103x40mmH|4.53x4.05x1.67"
Tinplate: 0.23mm
Printing: CMYK offset printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
Expressing all your emotions and loving thoughts on Valentine's Day for your loved ones with this amazing chocolate tin can.
Round Tea Tin Container with Double Cover
Round Tea Tin Container with Double Cover
Item No: RD064064090
Size: Dia 64x90mm|Dia 2.52"x3.54"
Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
Printing: CMYK offset printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
This vintage tea tin container is excellent as it has an inner lid to prevent air leak and will keep your tea,coffee,spices be fresh.
Wholesale Custom Tea Tin Canisters in Bulk
Wholesale Custom Tea Tin Canisters in Bulk
Item No: UK126086060
Size: 126x86x60mm|4.96"x3.39"x2.36"
Tinplate: 0.23MM tinplate
Printing: CMYK offset printing
Embossing: Available
Spot glossy: Available
The custom tea tin canisters are offered in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Each tea tin canister is food grade and made of high-quality tinplate.

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