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Why choose metal tin cans?[ 08-19 11:42 ]
Why choose metal tin cans when there is so much else? It is true that a variety of raw materials are available for packaging, but few match up to the economical and sustainable qualities of metal. As the world moves towards a more environmentally-responsible a...
Can I fill food or cosmetic products inside tin cans?[ 05-31 19:58 ]
Can I fill food or cosmetic products inside your digitally-printed cans?  
Do you also make the inside tray for the chocolate tins[ 05-29 19:43 ]
Do you also make the inside tray for the chocolate tins
Why choose tin boxes & tin packaging[ 04-28 18:39 ]
Why choose tin boxes & tin packaging 1.Tin boxes add value at point of sale 2.Tin boxes (Your brand) are re-used 3.68% of consumers make their final choice at point of sale 4.Tin boxes can be made in every shape and style 5.Shapes do not have to ...
Why should we do custom tin boxes[ 12-12 16:00 ]
Why should we do custom tin boxes ? The custom packaging of your product in custom tin boxes is a lasting and important element of your marketing message. Packaging is where the most fundamental interaction occurs between the customer and the brand - on the s...
Can I send you a certain concept of a tin box and can you manufacture this for us?[ 09-11 20:40 ]
 Can I send you a certain concept of a tin box and can you manufacture this for us? Tinpak has an in-house R&D department and can develop all kinds of molds for tin boxes according to client's concepts if they comply with punching process. We will di...
Can you print or decorate my tins and cans?[ 09-11 14:14 ]
Can you print or decorate my tins and cans? Yes, we can print and decorate your tins and cans . Please provide the artwork or colour sample (or both). We will provide a print layout or die line drawing for your designer to work with. There will be a one off ...
What is the minimum order quantity of tin cans?[ 09-11 14:05 ]
What is the minimum order quantity of tin cans? For the majority of products, we can supply minimum order quantities of 3,000pcs for unprinted and 5,000pcs for printed tin cans. We must stress that we may not be able to supply certain products in quantit...
Can I purchase your tin boxes online?[ 09-11 13:51 ]
Can I purchase your tin boxes online? Not right now. The range of tin boxes we can offer is simply too wide to be able to list and sell online. We prefer the results that great customer service can give. Trust us on that one, we're good! We can supply th...
Why should I use metal packaging?[ 09-11 13:51 ]
Why should I use metal packaging? If you're at our website then you already have a good idea why should we use tin packaging, given the following benefits: •The tin box looks good •The tin box feels good •The tin box is recycl...
How to load the tin box in container ?[ 09-11 11:24 ]
How to load the tin box in container? Do you have a rich experience in loading? Is the goods safe in transit?
Can you make a logo and picture embossing on the tin boxes ?[ 09-02 11:35 ]
To up grade your products and personalize the packaging, We offer you the option to additionally emboss your logo or a special design element on the lid of our silver matt tins. Full printing embossing pictures and logos are available by a new embossing tool. ...
Why Tinpak tin boxes?[ 09-02 09:11 ]
Simply. We are the China's leading tin packaging specialist. We can supply minimum order quantities of 3,000pcs for unprinted and 5,000pcs for printed tins. We are affiliated with established production facilities capable of producing over 1,000 different tin...
How to Avoid Watermark on Tin Box[ 08-26 14:20 ]
What's water mark? Water mark is a kind of unregular marks on tin box, caused by polybag, due to higher temperature and certain pressure. Especially in vessel transit, pp bag has enough time to contact with surface of tin boxes, so it is very easy to generate...
Do you make custom tin cans ?[ 08-22 18:56 ]
Custom Tin Cans make a statement that is strong, innovative and memorable. Customized tin packaging adds value to any product. Your brand, your message and your image never fade on tin boxes. Tinpak-TIN boxes is a leading manufacturer of tin boxes, prov...
Do you supply stock tin boxes ?[ 08-22 18:41 ]
Donguan Tinpak-TIN BOXES Custom metal tinpackaging and custom tin boxes manufacturer Our custom tin box quantities start at just 5000 pieces. We do not carry stock tin boxes,we specialize in custom tins orders only. The custom tins will be better for you...
Why should you choose Tinpak tin boxes ?[ 08-22 18:37 ]
Tinpak-TIN boxes can provide your business a high quality and unique tin package to make your product nearly irresistible. Our goals are to enhance your products and increase your sales. For more information about stylish and tinpak tin packaging possibilitie...
Do you make holographic tin boxes?[ 08-21 19:40 ]
Tinpak started test on holographic tins 4 years ago with our supplier of the holographic effect. Now we can make tin boxes with holographic effect but the minimum order quantity of holographic varnish is 6000 meters long, which means a lot of tin boxes per ord...
How do you control the quality for each production line of tin boxes?[ 08-17 21:31 ]
 For printing, we have one guy working at the printer’s site to check and confirm the printing quality of each order. For shearing, punching and packing, one QC is assigned to each line for instant quality checking.
Can you book a hotel for me when I visit tin box production?[ 08-15 11:11 ]
Tinpak can book a hotel for client who will visit factory and tin box production line.
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